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AMC Industrial Trading is the official representative and distributor of French leading and well‐known manufacturer of hoisting and handling equipment, "VERLINDE SAS", in Armenia and in the region. Founded in 1858, VERLINDE offered the French Navy and army engineering corps a revolutionary "endless screw hoist". In 1918, with electrification in its early days, VERLINDE was the first contractor to design and market electrically powered winches and hoists. Verlinde ranges of products are as followed:


1‐ Electric winches and hoists ‐ Electric chain hoists for load from 63 to 10.000 kg. ‐ Electric cable hoists for load from 800 to 250.000 kg. 

2‐ Manual winches and hoists 

3‐Trolleys, load balancers and accessories

4‐Jib cranes and traveling cranes


AMC Industrial Trading  LLC is the agent of French power supply manufacturer ,Vilma S.A.S as well.

 Vilma specializes in power transmission using conductor bar systems and manufactures electrical cabling systems, electrical cable sheaths, VA and CA multi-conductor bar systems, multi-trunking, electrical channels, single-wire and mono-conductor bars as well as cable-carrying mono bar systems.